Welcome Vendors!

T&C provides extensive marketing  and services to insure clients shop and purchase your produce and products.

Value added services



T&C advertises weekly in local newspapers to insure that customers know about the Farmers Market, and come shop for your goods. 

Advertise your products!

With purchase of multi weeks of booth space, you qualify for advertising, where we will include your product or services.  We will not charge you for this advertising, this comes with multi week purchase of booth space. 

Shopping carts

We supply your customers with shopping carts and bags to make it easier for your customers to purchase your goods. 


For shoppers whom need, we supply baggers to assist them with purchasing your products, and help that customer load onto their vehicle. 


We engage with major employers in Gilroy area, including hospitals, schools, health providers, government agencies, etc., to bring in more customers

Food Stamps

This will be offered in next phase of service offerings. 

Price List

Add a footnote if this applies to your business